Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas picture

I may use this for my christmas picture!

Medical Update

Over the last month it seems we have been to the doctor and therapy at least a million times. Three weekends ago, Kohen got the stomach virus. It started on a Thursday morning. I awoke to the sound of Kohen throwing up in his bed. I assumed it would be a 24 hour thing but it wasn't. The following Friday night, he was still throwing up and the other end as well. At 11:00pm we decided to call the Children's Clinic. They told us to go to the ER. To make a long story short, he was dehydrated and had developed a cough. The ER doctor thought he may have pneumonia also since he aspirated throw up. I know, GROSS!! I can control what goes down but not what comes back up. They did chest xrays and decided to give him some antibiotic through his IV which was a nightmare. I had to leave the room. We came home on Saturday but had to go back the Childrens Clinic on Sunday. They gave him more antibiotic and cough surup along with using his inhaler. He was finally better after a week. For those of you wil kids the doctor said there is a new strand of stomach virus going around that lasts anywhere from 3 to 5 days!!

Last weekend we went to a baby shower for one of our college friends in Cabot. It was great getting to see everyone but Kohen was not his usual self. He did not sleep the entire way to Cabot. Needless to say he was a pistol at the shower. I was so embarrassed. Sorry Brooke. He is usually really good. I'm sure Kelly and Sam were thinking, "We will never do this again." Why is it when you need them to take a good nap, they never do? Anyway, Robin, your home is beautiful.

Now on to therapy....We had a speech eval last week. I absolutely love his theapist. She is great! I felt so much better after seeing her. I know she will do wonderful things for Kohen. She will also work on his swallowing problems.

Finally, we saw an ENT specialist at ACH last Monday. His appt was not originally until April but due to the aspiration during the stomach virus fiasco, our pediatrician got us in quick. This doctor specializes in swallowing disorders. He was fabulous. He did a scope down Kohens nose and gave us two options. Wait 6 months and treat him for reflux (which the dr. is postitive he has) or do exploratory surgery to see if anything is structurely wrong. We chose the wait and treat the reflux. We will have another swallow study done in 6 months.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I will try to do better on blogging.

Just some pics

Loves playing with a stick!

Been a Long Month!!

Kohen and Dane. Love the green pacy, Dane!

Kohen and Sam. He was the cutest frog ever!!

I know it has been a month since I last updated but boy has it been a long month. I have lots of pictures to show starting with halloween!! Yes I am behind!! Halloween was fun! Kohen did good keeping his costume on. He was the cutest dinosaur! Here are a few pictures....
(I cant figure out how to get this above the pictures!)