Monday, July 26, 2010


The Nature Center

I have no idea why this picture is sideways! Kohen wanted his picture taken with the big bear!

Brandon got to go with us to the Nature Center late one afternoon. I think he enjoyed it as much as Kohen did! He had to read EVERY SINGLE THING! It was driving Kohen and I crazy!

Check out the baby alligator looking at them.

Kelly and I took the boys to the Botanical Gardens in Memphis. There is a section called My Big Backyard. It is designated just for kids. It was really cool! There was this HUGE treehouse that you could slide down and wander through, plus all this educational stuff about bird eggs and bird nest that the boys cared absolutely nothing about! But, they had fun even though it was a million degrees outside. Kelly and I were melting! I will definitely go back when it is cooler. There was a lot I wanted to see but it was way to hot and a lot of walking! Next stop=McDonalds!

Tic Tak Toe out of wood!

Some of the tree houses the boys played it. There was a really neat swing that Kohen and I were swinging in when the sprinkler system came on and sprayed Kohen right in the bottom!

How cool is this. It was a sofa and chair made out of moss!!

Sam playing in the water!

The water garden.

Mom, Shannon and I went to Cats Saturday afternoon. Mom and I had never seen it before but Shannon has seen it three other times. She got front row ticket for us for my birthday and moms mothers day. I loved it. Hayden took this picture so it is not the best!

Inside the orpheum

This past week our office was closed so I was on vacation the entire week. It is not exactly the right time of the year for me to take vacation but since the office was closed I made the best of it. I will just take another vacation in the winter when Brandon is not busy and can go somewhere. We tried to do some fun stuff during the week but it turned out to be the hottest week ever!!! It was really nice to be able to get up when we wanted and not be in a hurry to go somewhere. On Sunday we went to Rose Jackson's first birthday party. She is such a sweet little thing. I will have to steal some pictures from Becca because I forgot my camera! Thanks for the invite Becca, we had a great time and Kohen got to see Soloman! The last picture is what we did a lot of....playing at home. We swam, went to therapy and the pet store (aka PetCo), weeded the flower beds, and lots of games inside! I feel good knowing that my laundry is done and ironed, my house is clean, and I dont have to unpack anything. Ready to start another week.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Up and Running

For the fourth of July, Brandon, Kohen and I along with E, Ka Ka and Sam went to the redbirds game to see the fireworks! It was a great fireworks show. I was really impressed. The boys were so good even when we had to sit in the parking garage for an hour!

Some of the fireworks were a bit loud!

When the fireworks first started Kohen said, "Look Sam!" I didnt have time to raise my flash. Iwanted his initial reaction.

Moms 60th birthday. Shannon made this cake and it rode all the way to the river. Still looks pretty good to have gone that far in the heat.

It was way to hot outside so we were "farming" inside!

As I mentioned before, Kohen loves horses. One of our friends so kindly told us to come out and ride her son's first pony. It was the smallest pony I have ever seen. Kohen loved it. We forgot to take the pony saddle so he had to ride bareback. Next time we will remember it. He loved it!

Early in June, Kelly and I took the boys to the Paragould water park. We almost didn't go because it was cloudy but I am so glad we did. It turned out to be a great day and it wasn't that crowded. Kohen and Sam were both so good. We had a great time.

Sam loved some Pringles!

These pictures are all in reverse order but oh well! For about a month my computer has been acting up. It was running really slow so I defraged it myself but that didn't help. Well, last week, it crashed. I couldn't do anything. I kept saying I had a virus and was infected. All these crazy things were popping up even when we were not using it. I took it to the computer doctor and just got it back yesterday afternoon. It is super fast and working great.
Kohen took swimming lessons from Ms. Jeanine Brawner and did great but got tired of it. He took 5 lessons and by the 4th one he was crying to get out. He can tread water and doesnt have a fit when water gets in his face anymore, so I consider that a success! Brandon wanted him to have more because Kohen has no fear of the water whatsoever, but this is how the conversation went:
Me: "Kohen, we are going to go swim with Ms. Jean some more tomorrow." (He calls her Ms. Jean)
Kohen: "I dont need to swim with her anymore, Ms Jean already taught me how to swim!"
Therefore, instead of pushing it we decided to wait until next summer for more lessons!
Our summer has been fun and busy but that's how we like it.
Kohen had a check up with Dr Sneed last Friday. Everything was great. Here are his stats:
*? inches~87%
size 11 shoe (Yes, that is not a typo!)
Speech is great. Will not have to go to speech therapy much longer.
Have an appt with orthopedic doctor to check out feet then maybe can d/c physical therapy.
Dr. Sneed couldnt believe how cooperative Kohen was. She messed with him for about an hour and he was great. I told her it had something to do with the fact that he gets to go to the pet store if he is good!! It worked. Now next time may not be so good, but we will cross that bridge when it gets here! Hope everyone has had a good summer.