Sunday, June 28, 2009

Congratulations Bill and Lindsay!

Last night we went to Memphis to Bill and Lindsay's wedding. It was just beautiful. Several of the "fraternity boys" were there so it was great to see everyone. Lindsay made a georgous bride to say the least.

A Day with Sam...

Friday Sam spent the day with Kohen and I while Kelly went to a workshop. The boys had the best time.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Quick Trip

I took a few days off this week because Brandon was caught up. We decided to go to the river just to get away. Yesterday afternoon we went to the caverns at Blanchard Springs. It has been years since I have been so I had forgotten how neat it really is. I guess I appreciate the beauty of it more now. Kohen did good through the hour long tour. I'm not so sure the other people on the tour would say that. When Brandon was carrying him, if I got two steps away he would holler,"Mommy mere!" It was something to do on a hot afternoon. After the tour we went to the natural spring there and then Kohen and Brandon went swimming (in their clothes!) We tried to fish some but Kohen wanted to throw everything in the boat into the water so our fishing didn't last long!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Celebration City!

We celebrated Fathers Day and mom's birthday today. We decided it would be easier to do it all today rather than trying to work around Will's baseball schedule. Shannon made the birthday cake which was great! After all the presents, the boys played on the water slide, a regular Sunday occurrence! Kohen would much rather ride his tractor or gator than play on the water slide. I even went down it with him twice but still he wanted the tractor! Yesterday evening we went to Norman and Sue's then to Gary and Susan's where Brandon and Kohen swam. The water was freezing!! Kohen loved the pool. He laughed and played the entire time, that is until his teeth started chattering!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Playing Outside

We check this birdnest everyday to see if there are any eggs!

We have been spending lots of time outside as usual. I have seriously thought about taking my ironing board outside to get some ironing done while Kohen plays! (No I haven't done it, yet!) Kohen has recently learned to ride his tricycle. He can go really fast to have such little legs!!!
It is never to hot outside for Kohen. His little cheeks will be so red but he still doesn't want to go inside! I usually have to carry him inside crying!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Actual Birthday...

My birthday was on Tuesday so the girls from work took me to lunch. As a special treat that night, mamaw (Ms Sue) fixed her famous chicken and dumplins. I ate until I was sick!! All in all, 30 isn't so bad!!

More Birthday.

We had my family birthday party at moms on Sunday. She cooked my favorite meal: hamburgers on the grill, cheese dip and spinach dip. My favorite birthday cake: strawberry. Then the kids played outside on mom and dads blow up water slide. It was a fun day.

My 30th Birthday

This card says it all. Ms Jeanie sent me a birthday card every day for a week regarding me turning 30! That were so funny. It was a treat knowing that everyday I would get a card in the mail. This one was my favorite.

A Busy Weekend!

Last weekend was busy to say the least. Saturday Kohen and I went to a baby shower for Claudia McCutchen, then to Will's ballgame, that night Brandon and I went to a wedding party/BBQ for our friends Bill and Lindsay. Whew! I only have one picture from the day and I stole it from Kelly. As you know, I am not good about taking my camera. Sarah should be sending me some pictures from the party. Lets just talk about the BBQ for a minute... Throughout most of my life, many crazy things have happened to me that I probably should have been embarrassed about but I wasn't. Well last Saturday night took the cake. To keep this rated PG, I will leave some details out. Bill and Lindsays party was around the pool and pool house at LaRand Thomas's house. To say the least, it was absolutely beautiful. Later in the night, Bill decided he was going to throw me in the pool. You can see from the picture that I have a dress on. I start kicking and screaming because I DO NOT want to be thrown in the pool. Well, guess what..we fall down and guess what happens to my dress? You got it, it is around my waist!!!! I hurt my arm so I wasn't really thinking about my dress until I looked down and saw my panties!!!! As did everyone else!!! I was completely mortified!!! I jumped up as fast as I could in heels, pulled myself together and tried to keep my cool. I wasn't mad at Bill at all. Seems everyone got a good laugh. Hopefully everyone doesn't remember that scene. I am so thankful that I had decent panties on, no thong or christmas tree panties!!! I am pretty sure this goes down as one of the most embarrassing moments of my life!! Thanks Bill!!