Saturday, May 29, 2010

Little Stinker

So busted...upside down clothes basket, lid off mint jar!

He eats the cheese in the middle and leaves the crackers!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Last Day of School

Ms Dallas was Kohen's teacher this year. He absolutely loved her!

Kohen and Soloman had a ball in the sand. We will miss him this summer.

A Night of Firsts

First dip-n-dots

First redbirds game

I did not put this on him backwards. He did it himself!

First time in downtown Memphis!

Just Like Daddy

Are you kidding me? Come on now, hands in the pockets and all!

Just for Fun!

This is going to be a problem! He just drops them where ever he is! He has done it at school. I just found out today that he did it on slip and slide day. Becca took his picture! Thanks Becca, that will be one for the yearbook!

Better look now because you wont see this again. He HATES flip flops! This was just a fluke. I hope this is the beginning of him liking them.

He eats the cheese out of the middle and leaves the crackers!

Horse Whisperer!

We have been playing in the yard every chance we get. We especially have fun after daddy gets home. Brandon has always loved horses. He grew up riding and going to horse shows. He has always said when Kohen got big enough we would get some horses. I have put it off, discouraged it as long as possible. Well lucky me, our neighbor who owns the pasture next to our pond just got some horses and told Brandon we could go over there anytime we wanted. Now I have nothing against horses, they just scare me because they are so big! It really makes me nervous when Kohen gets around them. I think they are beautiful animals, just from afar!! Kohen seems to share his daddy's love for them. He is not one bit scared of them! When daddy gets home, the first thing he says is, "Can we go ride the horses?"

Mothers Day 2010

Kohen sent me these flowers to work on Thursday before mothers day. They were on top of my fav summer time candle scent, summer sorbet! Wonder how he knew that? Thanks Stacey!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Weekend Getaway

Friday morning Kohen had his 3 year check up with Dr. Sneed. All went well. We have to go back in July for some labs but nothing big. We then headed to the River (Calico Rock). We love it there. We rented a super neat cabin right on the bluff. It is the most relaxing place. We even let Kohen go in the boat this time.

A visitor

Kohen was playing on our screened in porch that leads off of our bedroom. I had the door open so I could hear him while I was packing for the weekend. I just happened to see something in the tree right outside the porch. I got Brandon's binoculars to see if it was what I thought it was.....sure enough. A snake. In a tree. I called Mr. Norman to come kill it. He said it was a chicken snake. I so hope they are not going to be bad this year.

Happy 3rd Birthday Kohen

sword fighting with daddy

A new bike!

I made these cupcakes. It is susposed to look like a rice field since we had a tractor birthday!

How cute are these??

I made these tractor party favors out of candy. Found this idea in a magazine a few months back. They turned out really cute.

If you asked Kohen what he wanted for his birthday, he would say a combine. Well here it is! This was at mom's after church on Sunday. We had to rush through lunch, presents and cake to get a nap before the birthday party at our house.

Shannon got him this shirt. It is a baseball shirt just like Will's.

Shannon made this cake. She did a great job. It was sooo good.

3 years old...and love him more every day! I can no longer say, "Terrible Two's!" Really, he is a good boy. I am so proud of him. He amazes me each and every day. We had Kohen's birthday party at our house last Sunday. I invited all the kids that he loves to play with. It was a blast. I love watching him interact with his friends. We had a great turnout and a pretty day.