Monday, March 29, 2010

Eager Egg Hunt

There is a first time for everything!! This is the first time Kohen has sat with the Easter bunny, Santa, etc., without screaming! Connie told him it was Konnor's daddy under that costume! Whatever works!

As Kohen says, "Eager Egg Hunting!" We went to the annual easter egg hunt at Melanie's Saturday afternoon. After picking up about 10 eggs, Kohen said he was done! It is such a neat thing to go to every year!! I think Kohen liked the bouncer more than the egg hunt!

Happy Birthday Weslyn!

Saturday we went to Weslyn's birthday party. She is one month older than Kohen. She sits in front of us at church and cracks me up. I have never seen a child with more facial expressions!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Kohen's favorite part, riding the train.

Yesterday momma, daddy, Brandon, Will, Kohen and I went to the zoo for the day. It turned out to be such a nice day. Brandon had not been to the zoo since he was a kid so it was an experience for him also. We are lucky to have such a nice zoo so close to home.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Super Saturday with Sam

Sam came over Saturday afternoon to play since it was so nice outside. They played so good together. It was fun watching them and their imaginations! I thought it would be hard keeping up with two but it was actually easier than with just Kohen because they played together.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Appointment Pro...

Before the appointments this morning!

Since we have been to so many appointments lately, I thought a couple more wouldnt hurt! Today Kohen had his first cleaning appointment! He did so good! I cant believe he did that good. Chris was really good with him and he just let her do her job! He did keep asking, "Are we done?" After he got his teeth cleaned, we went and let Michael cut his hair. He is usually good for Michael aka Mike Mo!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dr, Dr, Give me the news....

This month and next month are full of dr appts for us. Friday we went to ACH to the eye clinic for Kohens annual check up. It went great and he was soooo good. I was so proud. He sat so still and let the dr look in his eyes. He followed the light and all other instructions the dr gave him! We do not have to go back to ACH, the opthomologist that we see there felt comfortable letting us go to another opthomologist in Jonesboro since he has never had any problems! Whew, one down! Tomorrow we go for the dreaded swallow study and to the ENT specialist. Will update on that soon. Have a great week!


Wee School has a trik-a-thon each year to raise money for St Jude. I am so glad I went. It was hilarious! I was super embarrased to take Kohen's trike because it is a hand-me-down from Shannon. Now dont get me wrong, I love hand-me-downs but this trike is WAY getto!! It has rust all over the handle bars and the fenders! Kohen loves it though so I took it!! As soon as they started riding, Kohen and Soloman traded bikes. That didn't last long because Soloman didn't like the getto trike either. Don't blame ya Sol! By the time it was over almost every kid was riding someone else's bike!!

Attempt to Improve!!

I love this picture! Notice all the icing all over Sam...then look how Kohen is eating his cupcake! Ha!! Eric and Brandon made over!!

A few people have told me recently that they look at my blog often, which really surprises me! I am going to try really hard to update more often. We are not very interesting people so there isn't much to talk about. The past two weeks have been a little hectic. I had the worst stomach virus I have ever had!! Usually the stomach virus last 24 hours, I would throw up, sleep, throw up, sleep. Well not this time. I was miserably nauseated for 3 days!! Couldnt eat anything!! It was horrible. Never have I been so sick that I could not function. Last weekend was Sam's birthday. Thanks Eric, Kelly and Sam for letting us be a part of your birthday! I had Sam's birthday present wrapped the week before his birthday, thankfully. Next time I will hide it. Kohen kept wanting to open it. I would tell him, " No, that is Sam's birthday present." He would say, "I want a birthday!" His birthday should be a blast this year! I stole these pics from Kelly because I didn't take my camera!