Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Up and Running

I just love this picture!! So much so that I put it on here twice!

Church chrismas party with his teacher Ms. Jeanie

Told you I liked this picture!

Making a tent!

Not sure why this picure is sideways but this was a Kohens Wee School Christmas party. Kohen's good buddy Soloman, was telling us a story about the 5 Little Monkeys!

Soloman wanted to take his picture!

My dad and I took Kohen to the Cross County Museum to see the train display!

Eli and Ava came over to play with us Saturday night. Ava is such a good babysitter!

So I got a memory card reader to hold me over until I can get my camera fixed. I didn't even know they made such a thing!! (My meme used to say that!) Here are so pics of various christmas parties. Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Holiday!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

This time I have a good excuse for not updating my genius husband broke my brand new camera!!!! I have sent it off to have it repaired but who knows how long that will take. Anyway, we have been super busy this past month. Kohen has had pneumonia, not once but twice! I had a baby shower for Kelly at my house, Thanksgiving, Santa party at Kelly's, trip to Branson, Dr appointment at Childrens, chrismas parties, and the list goes on and on. This weekend Brandon is gone to New Orleans to watch the Saints vs Cowboys so I have had a chance to catch up!! As most of you who read this blog know Kelly is having twins so we are anxiously awaiting their arrival. I pray every night that they will not come early!! I do not want her to have to go through what I did. Especially with two!! So far she is doing great! She had a Santa party at her house early December with an appearance of Santa Clause!! My dad did a great job playing Santa. Brandon and I had a bet that Kohen would realize who Santa was. I didn't think he would because I didn't think he would get close enough to see or hear him but he surprised me!! The party was so much fun. I think all the kids enjoyed themselves and got to see Santa!! Last weekend Brandon and I went to Branson for a conference that he gets invited to every year. We didn't take Kohen this year and we all made it fine. Kohen didn't want to go home with us when we got to moms!!! Monday he had a dr appt at ACH. Long story short, back on Simply Thick and reflux meds through the winter. The dr didn't want to do anything during the winter months to risk pneumonia again. What it boils down to is that Kohen is aspirating reflux which in turn causes pneumonia! We will wait until spring and re-evaluate. That is a glimpse of what has been going on in our lives. When my camera comes in I will post some pictures. These are some mom took at the party. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


It has been a while since I last posted so here is a rundown on what has been going on. After Halloween, Kohen started acting sick again. To make a long story short, on Friday I took him to the doctor: pneumonia again!!!! This was the Friday before Kellys shower at my house. I sent him to my sisters while we had the shower. It was a great shower. I have never been to a twin shower so it was a first for me. Kelly got lots of neat stuff for the twins. It was small but I thought it turned out great. When I took Kohen to therapy on Monday, I told his speech therapist about the secound round of pneumonia, she suggested I call the ENT clinic that we go to at ACH and inform them what has been going on. They took Kohen off the Simply Thick in September and since then he has had pneumonia twice!!! I called the ENT clinic on Tuesday, we have an appt coming up with them. They were very concerned about this so here we go again!!!.

On a fun note...Wee School had a Wonder Walk to support March of Dimes. This orgainzation is very close to our hearts since the money raised is used to raise awareness of prematurity. Kohen was the top fundraiser and got a trophy, tshirt and a water bottle. I will post a picture later.

He is back to feeling himself now. Other than the Terrible Two's everything is going great! Hope everyone is having a great fall!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

And the Costume Is?????

If you are a facebook friend you already know by now that I got Kohen to wear the Mickey Mouse costume long enough for him to pour V8 down the front of it before our picture appt on Friday. This being said, I thought since he at least wore it for a little while on Friday, he would wear it Halloween night. WRONG!! I got everything washed and ready to go for the night. I got the suit on and he went crazy!!! (Just ask Kelly, she called during the middle of the meltdown!!) So a cowboy it was!! He was a cute little cowboy! At first he wouldn't wear the hat but my dad got him to wear it the rest of the night. We met up with Kelly, Eric and Sam before the kids got too tired. I took at least 10 pictures but none of them turned out so I stole one from Kelly. We then headed to moms to trick or treat with Haydee and Will. Hayden was a great Harry Potter. He really looked just like him!!! It was a great Halloween. I learned an important lesson this year...don't try to make Kohen something he is not comfortable with. It just makes us both miserable!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The "Almost" Costume

If you read my earlier post, you will know that Kohen loves Mickey Mouse. I thought it would be fitting for him to be MM for Halloween. I searched everywhere for the perfect costume. After losing 3 times on Ebay, I just bit the bullet and bought it at the Disney Store. When it came in we were so excited because it was super cute. I found shoes, leggings, the whole nine yards! Well, Kohen absolutely hates it! He SCREAMS when I put the hat on!!! I have worn that stupid hat around the house hoping he would think it was ok to wear it but NO! We put the whole costume on the couch thinking he might play with it, NO! One last attempt, Brandon held him while I put it on. We thought if we showed him in the mirror he would love it, NOPE!!! He screamed like we were killing him!!!!!! I was laughing so hard I forgot to raise the flash on my camera!! He will probably be scarred for life from this! My back up plan was a cowboy, a friend gave me her sons cowboy boots, chaps, spurs, hat that he really wore in a rodeo. It was all in a pile in our extra bedroom. Next thing I know, Kohen has the cowboy boots on with his pajamas!!! SOOOO.....guesss he is going to be a cowboy!!

Pumpkin Carving Party

Tuesday night we went to carve "punkins" as Kohen says, with Cathy, Eli and Ava. Cathy had all the neat tools to carve a pumpkin. I always used a knife and a spoon!!! Brandon carved Kohens pumpkin because he was way to interested in Eli's train table. Since Kohen LOVES Mickey Mouse, Brandon attempted to carve MM. It looked good to me. When we asked Kohen what it was he said, "Deer!" We all laughed about that!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Fun

Saturday Kelly and I took the boys to the Parker Pioneer Homestead. It was really a neat little village. I had never been but had heard lots about it. Since Kohen was just getting over pneumonia, I made him wear that ridiculous hat. Saturday night we went to a cookout and hayride at Leslie's but it got to cold so we didn't get to stay for the hayride. We had so much fun on Saturday at the homestead we decided to go back on Sunday!! Mom had Will for the weekend so they went with us.

Wee School went to the Children's Museum in Memphis last week before Kohen got sick. It was a lot of fun. I fully intend to go back this winter!! He especially loved the fire truck and police car. I really hope I do not see him inside a police car ever again!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One Sick Little Boy....

Last Sunday is when it all started. I noticed at church that Kohen had a dry, hacking cough. Then next day a runny nose. This continued all week but rather than take him to the dr and risk getting exposed to something worse, I tried treating the symptoms at home. He didnt have any fever and didnt act like he felt bad at all. I was giving him cough medicine and that seemed to help. Until.....Sunday morning when he got up he ran to me, just like always. As soon as I picked him up, I could feel how HOT he was. He felt like he was burning up with fever. It was only 101, which is high for Kohen because he never runs fever. So we stayed home from church waiting on 1:00 to get here so I could call sick-call for an appt. He stayed in my lap all morning, so I knew he felt terrible. When we got to the dr, I told him the whole saga. He listened to Kohen and said the words I have dreaded for 2 and a half years....."He had pneumonia in his right lung." WHATTTT!! I just knew it was broncitis or strep or something of that nature. I never dreamed he had pneumonia!!! I felt terrible!!! He got 2 Rocephan shots and oral antibiotics. The dr said if he is not better by Wednesday to bring him back. He didn't eat anything on Sunday, drank a milkshake on Monday and finally today he ate some chicken nuggets. I would have given him anything he wanted just to get him to eat. I even tried M&M's!!! His color looks much better today so hopefully he is on the mend!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Little Einsteins, Rocket

Today we went to Playhouse Disney Live. It was great. Kohen did not move the entire time we were there. He absolutely loved it.

Kale had a big time at Ava's birthday party.

Did I mention that Beth is due with baby #3 in two weeks? Can't even tell in this picture she is pregnant.

Playdate with Georgia. Her mom Beth and I went to Hygiene school together. I love our lunchdates together. This time Georgia and Kohen were very well behaved.
Looking for deer....
Love this picture. You can see Parker (Jessica King's little boy) in the background wrestling with Sol! Jessica took this. Isn't it great??

Two weekends ago we went to Soloman's second birthday party. Sol is in Kohen's class at Wee School. He is the only one Kohen talks about so I guess he plays with him. We had a blast. Becca and Neal did a gret job with the party. The blow-up jumping thing was a hit. I stole all these pictures from Becca and Jessica. I do not take credit for the great pictures!!! (Oh yeah, it was Yo Gabba Gabba theme birthday, I didn't even know what that was!!!)