Friday, December 31, 2010

Merry Christmas!

mom always has the craziest games ready for us! We have the best time competing against each other. Especially when money is involved!

Hayden's Harry Potter wand!


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve

Spreading the reindeer food

While helping me make a pie, I turned my back to Kohen and he crumbled the crust into the bowl!

Pappaw putting together Kohen's work bench

I made Pappaw a picture collage. He is really looking it over!

So tired!

Poor Grandpa having trouble seeing his presents.

Christmas Eve at noon with the Stephens and night with the Halks!

More Branson...

Sweet Woodrow

Anxiously awaiting sitting with Santa

Santa rode in on this firetruck. Kohen liked it more than Santa.

Saturday morning we went to a breakfast with Santa. It was really neat. The breakfast was great and their was lots of activities for the kids. There were over 300 tickets sold to this event!

Christmas on the 23rd

Nice ears Mike MO!

We do Christmas on the 23rd with my aunt and cousin. The 23rd was my grandmothers birthday so it is special to my mom and my aunt for us to get together on that day to remember her and let the kids exchange gifts. We always play so neat games and the kids love it!

Branson at Christmas

Drinking hot chocolate

Santa gave each kid a bell.

The north pole, santa's workshop. The elves were throwing presents and doing flips!

Waiting to start

The conductor punching our tickets

The hobo

Holding his ticket

He didnt want to wear his pajamas, so I didnt force the issue. I was afraid he would get cold anyway. It would have been super cute if he had though!

Fake snow

The massive gingerbread houses at the hotel! It took everything in Kohen to not touch them. Notice he is on the inside of the ropes!

Last weekend we went to Branson. Brandon gets invited to a conference every year at this beautiful hotel. Last year we left Kohen with mom and dad and enjoyed some time to ourself but this year we took him and had a blast. We did A LOT in the 3 days we were there but will probably do the same next year. I think Kohen's favorite thing was riding the Polar Express. He loved it, except for the whole Santa thing!

Our Christmas Tree

Cookies With Santa

This is as close as he got!

Was glad to see him go!

mom and Baxley

This is what the guys did during the party!

Kelly had her annual Cookies with Santa party a couple weeks ago. I am just now getting around to updating so better late than never. The party was once again a success. The kids seem to have the best time playing together in their pj's. Kohen is not real crazy about Santa so no picture with him in Santa's lap. When we told him he would have to tell Santa Claus what he wanted for Christmas, he would say, "I dont want anything." He would rather not get one thing than have to talk to Santa!! Oh well, better luck next year!