Saturday, August 28, 2010


Finally, it's here! This has been the longest year! We went out on the first day of cutting to ride with daddy. We are going back today to get more pics but here are just a few!

Wee School

First day of Wee School was so fun except for the missing teeth thing. It didnt seem to bother him at all. I dont have any pictures of him in his room because I had to pry him off of me to leave. I knew this was going to happen but it will get better! He really does love it, he just talks and talks about it when I pick him up.

A Little Accident

I was trying to get a close up but he wasnt having it!

The balloons and puppy KaKKi got him.

Kohen is starting a trend of doing all the bad things prematurly! The day before Wee School, Kohen had a little accident involving the gator and a hammock, which resulted in RIPPING his front teeth out! It was the most awful thing. I know it hurt so bad but thankfully no broken jaw or scars on his face. We can live with missing his front teeth until his permanent onese grow in. After the pain meds took effect, he was ok. My mom was a different story. She was so upset. It broke my heart to see her that upset but I know she was just worried about Kohen. Anyway, everyone is fine now, thankfully!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend at the River

Kohen laying down in the boat!

Trying to take over the motor home!!!

Swimming at Blanchard Springs!

Brandon and I knew this would be our last weekend to do something because he will start harvest this week. We took the opportunity to go to the river one more time. We both LOVE to fish and just love the atmosphere up there. We just relax the whole time. This time we really did. We got there Friday afternoon with the intentions of staying in Mr. Norman and Ms. Sue's motor home that they have parked right on the river. This is the same motor home that I stayed in while Kohen was in the hospital. It is really nice and big, so we thought. When I stayed in it, I had plenty of room and was perfectly comfortable. Add a 3 year old and things change! Kohen pressed every button he could find. He found buttons I didn't know existed and I lived in the thing for 8 weeks!!!! He tried to drive it, start it, almost locked us out, it was non stop. Brandon and I were constantly saying, "Dont touch that!" Kohen and I went to bed around 9 while Brandon (who doesnt sleep) stayed up and watched tv. Every time Brandon moved, he shook the motor home and Kohen woke up. At 1:30am I was still awake! I think I finally went to sleep at 3 when Brandon did. The next morning we got up at went fishing. We caught lots of fish and Kohen did great in the boat! When we got back around mid morning, we decided to check into this cabin that was right beside the motor home. Lo and behold it was empty!!! Needless to say, we moved in. I know Mr. Norman and Ms. Sue would not have cared one bit what Kohen did to the motor home, but I was a nervous wreck!!!! We really appreciate them letting us stay! We relaxed much better in the cabin and there was a deck that went right out to the river so Kohen was in heaven! We really had a great weekend. Now we're ready for harvest! Let's cut some rice!

One Last Playdate

Dana and I took the boys to the Children's Museum before she had to go back to school. They had a big time and wore us both out also. We went to Chili's afterward to eat thinking that if would be quick and easy...wrong. We had to wait FOREVER on our food. Two hungry, tired boys and waiting does not go well together. Next we hit the bookstore. They both loved the train tables and did NOT want to leave. Dana will kill me if she knows she is on here, so nobody tell her!