Sunday, November 15, 2009


It has been a while since I last posted so here is a rundown on what has been going on. After Halloween, Kohen started acting sick again. To make a long story short, on Friday I took him to the doctor: pneumonia again!!!! This was the Friday before Kellys shower at my house. I sent him to my sisters while we had the shower. It was a great shower. I have never been to a twin shower so it was a first for me. Kelly got lots of neat stuff for the twins. It was small but I thought it turned out great. When I took Kohen to therapy on Monday, I told his speech therapist about the secound round of pneumonia, she suggested I call the ENT clinic that we go to at ACH and inform them what has been going on. They took Kohen off the Simply Thick in September and since then he has had pneumonia twice!!! I called the ENT clinic on Tuesday, we have an appt coming up with them. They were very concerned about this so here we go again!!!.

On a fun note...Wee School had a Wonder Walk to support March of Dimes. This orgainzation is very close to our hearts since the money raised is used to raise awareness of prematurity. Kohen was the top fundraiser and got a trophy, tshirt and a water bottle. I will post a picture later.

He is back to feeling himself now. Other than the Terrible Two's everything is going great! Hope everyone is having a great fall!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

And the Costume Is?????

If you are a facebook friend you already know by now that I got Kohen to wear the Mickey Mouse costume long enough for him to pour V8 down the front of it before our picture appt on Friday. This being said, I thought since he at least wore it for a little while on Friday, he would wear it Halloween night. WRONG!! I got everything washed and ready to go for the night. I got the suit on and he went crazy!!! (Just ask Kelly, she called during the middle of the meltdown!!) So a cowboy it was!! He was a cute little cowboy! At first he wouldn't wear the hat but my dad got him to wear it the rest of the night. We met up with Kelly, Eric and Sam before the kids got too tired. I took at least 10 pictures but none of them turned out so I stole one from Kelly. We then headed to moms to trick or treat with Haydee and Will. Hayden was a great Harry Potter. He really looked just like him!!! It was a great Halloween. I learned an important lesson this year...don't try to make Kohen something he is not comfortable with. It just makes us both miserable!!!