Friday, October 31, 2008

18 Months!!!

Whoever came up with the phrase, "Terrible Twos" had never met Kohen. He is into everything!!!! It has started way before his second birthday! Really he is a happy, good boy, just BUSY!! For those of you who know his daddy, can understand where he gets it from. He is at a fun age. He still goes to PT, OT and now Speech therapy. His progression is amazing. At his 18 month check up today, he was 27 lbs (65%) and 34 inches long (95%). Ninety-fifth percentile on highth!! While we were in the exam room with Dr. Sneed, Kohen put his blanket over his head and ran straight into the wall!! Dr. Sneed burst out laughing. Kohen didn't cry just got back up and was on to something else. She assured me he was a typical boy and that there would be many bumps and bruises. He definitely keeps me on my toes!!!

Texas Trip

This is a picture of my mamac and her great-grandkids.

First Airplane Ride

Our whole family went to Texas this past weekend. I mean the entire family...Brandon, Kohen and myself, Mom and Dad, Shannon, Michael, Hayden and Will. We flew out early Saturday morning. It was a great trip. It was my grandmothers (Mamac) 80th surprise birthday party. She was definitely surprised. Kohen did great on the plane. Much better than I expected. He was so good the entire trip. Shannon's kids were very well behaved also. All in all it was a success.

The Cookie Monster

First experience with an Oreo!

Not So Great Reports..

I'm trying to play catch up on Kohen's doctors visits, so here goes.... We went for an orthopedic consult regarding Kohens tibial torsion, which means his feet turn inward, BAD! This doesn't seem to slow him down because he is walking everywhere. Almost running!! Anyway, he punched holes in the back of Kohen's shoes and told us to tie his heels together when he sleeps. This worked for 2 nights. No matter how tight we tied his shoes he could still get them off!!! What can I say...He is strong! Brandon suggested we gray tape his feet together!! That did not happen!!!

Next..we went for another swallow study. Failed miserably again!!!! Oh well, back to the simply thick. In a nutshell...Kohen cannot swallow thin liquids so we have to thicken them to honey consistency. When he does swallow thin liquids they go to his lungs instead of his stomach. It is called silent aspiration. He never coughs or chokes. This puts him at high risk of pneumonia. He doesn't seem to mind the Simply Thick too much. We will go back in 6 months!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

All Boy!!

While I was washing my car, I had some "HELP." It took me twice as long because I would get one side washed and would go back and see muddy hand prints on the clean side!!

Future Friday Nights

In the Field with Daddy

The Pumpkin Patch

Last Saturday Kelly and I took the boys to the pumpkin patch just outside of McCrory. We all had a good time just spending time together. Sam wanted to eat the hay and Kohen wanted the gords that were painted like ghosts hanging from the trees. Needless to say we didn't get a picture of then together but it was still fun.