Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Shannon!!

Patiently awaiting birthday cake!!

We celebrated Shannon's birthday today at moms after church. It was a little late since her birthday was the 20th but today just worked out better. Of course Kohen had to blow out her candles and help open the presents...

Saturday morning Kohen and I went to Shea's shower. I forgot my camera so I had to steal a picture off of Kelly's blog of the two boys playing together at the shower. It was a great shower, she got lots of good stuff!

After the shower, Dana, Mindy and I went to the jewelry show. We left the boys at home! We all found some good deals and had a really good time.

A Busy Weekend!!

I dont know if I have ever told everyone about Kohens undenying love for Darrin. It is the strangest thing. If Darrin is near, he wants him. Last weekend he cried because he wanted to go home with Darrin!! Darrin is one of the few people Kohen will go to if I am holding him. At Danes party, Kohen put his head in Darrins lap. I couldn't believe it. He absolutely loves Darrin. Something tells me the feeling is mutal!!!

Too sweet!!

This was Dane by the end of the night!! He was worn out!!
We have been so busy this weekend. We have gone nonstop since Friday night but it has been loads of fun! Last week, Kohen and I were both sick but are now much better. Good thing since we had so much planned for the weekend. Friday night was Dane's first birthday party. It was so fun watching all the kids play together.

Friday, January 9, 2009

My Big Boy!

Loves to use a fork!!

Just like Daddy..

Yes, I know he looks like Brandon. The funny part is the hat. Kohen picked up this hat when we were in Branson at the Cardinals store. He has never liked a hat but for some reason he loves this one. He wanted to wear it to chuch last Sunday!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Reminising with Old Friends

Today Kohen and I met my college roomates in Jonesboro. It was the first time we have all been together since we got out of hygiene school. Alexis now lives in California and was in for Christmas so it was the perfect time for us all to meet. Amber came from Batesville and Kelli lives in Jonesboro. It was all their first time to see Kohen. We had so much fun. Kohen is not usually a good shopper but today he was picture perfect. I could not have asked for him to be better. Thanks girls. We will have to get together more often.