Sunday, September 27, 2009


Little Einsteins, Rocket

Today we went to Playhouse Disney Live. It was great. Kohen did not move the entire time we were there. He absolutely loved it.

Kale had a big time at Ava's birthday party.

Did I mention that Beth is due with baby #3 in two weeks? Can't even tell in this picture she is pregnant.

Playdate with Georgia. Her mom Beth and I went to Hygiene school together. I love our lunchdates together. This time Georgia and Kohen were very well behaved.
Looking for deer....
Love this picture. You can see Parker (Jessica King's little boy) in the background wrestling with Sol! Jessica took this. Isn't it great??

Two weekends ago we went to Soloman's second birthday party. Sol is in Kohen's class at Wee School. He is the only one Kohen talks about so I guess he plays with him. We had a blast. Becca and Neal did a gret job with the party. The blow-up jumping thing was a hit. I stole all these pictures from Becca and Jessica. I do not take credit for the great pictures!!! (Oh yeah, it was Yo Gabba Gabba theme birthday, I didn't even know what that was!!!)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Football Friday Night

It just wouldn't be football season if Cross County didn't play Harrisburg. We went even though it had been raining. Will not discuss the score! (Amber, no comments from you!!!)

Saturday Brandon and I went to the razorback game with Erica and Jeff. We had a great time but no pictures. I didn't want to carry my camera around tailgating!! GO HOGS!!

A Day at the Farm

Monday we went to the farm to watch Brandon and Dad cut rice. I just got a new camera so I thought I'd try it out. The camera works great but the subject wasn't quite as agreeable!! Some of these pictures were just pure luck!! I am not going to post the best ones because I might use them for my christmas cards! Brandon failed to tell me that he had just ordered the field to be salted that we were going to. This airplane salted us and scared the begeesis out of me. It came out of nowhere!! Kohen was facinated and a little scared of it so that ended our photo session!